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A total of only 20 limited edition prints of ‘Capsule’ by Daniel Jaems are available.
Paper Specification: Giclée Hahnemuhle German Etching paper.
A signed and numbered holographic authenticity certificate is provided with this print.
See below for more info on the collection and detailed pictures of this print.

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“The Voids” is a new body of work by Daniel Jaems that crystallises the fleeting dance between creation and entropy. These artworks are visual embodiment of the profound questions that orbit our existence. Each piece is an invitation to witness the universe’s enduring vastness and the relentless pulse of our own nature to make sense of it.

Here, concrete meets the abyss, reminding us of our place in the cosmic ballet—significant yet ephemeral. The pieces don’t just hang silently; they resonate with the echoes of the big questions: our origin, our destination, and the legacy we leave within the fabric of time.

By choosing to house a “The Voids” piece, you’re not simply decorating a space. You’re anchoring a corner of the cosmos to your wall—a testament to the depth of your curiosity and a spark for conversations that delve into the essence of being.

This series is an ode to the collector who appreciates art as a mirror to the self and a window to the infinite. Embrace “The Voids” as the centrepiece of your collection and let it ignite the minds and hearts of all who encounter it.

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