PIETRO BOSELLI and the 30,000 tree mission.

PIETRO BOSELLI and the 30,000 tree mission.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing, to plant 30,000 trees into the soil?
FRAEMS introduce a new initiative with the help of Italian engineer, model and social media influencer: PIETRO BOSELLI so that we can do just that.

FRAEMS is an online photography gallery specialising in limited edition photographic art.
We’ve created a timeless collection of imagery featuring PIETRO that is available to buy on FRAEMS.COM. All proceeds from the sale of the prints will go to ONE TREE PLANTED, who are leaders in reforestation projects across the globe.

We are living through a time where the sustainability of the natural world and its preservation needs to become a top priority. Our awareness of what we take from the natural world and what we must put back needs to become more transparent so that we can replenish, restore and also educate future generations.

“Humanity has achieved tremendous progress over the last few decades, with more and more people living a comfortable life all over the world. And yet this didn’t happen by chance, it required constant effort and work, and the results are no reason for complacency. We need to guarantee progress and sustainability for the coming years by being proactive and responsible. This is done by taking very seriously the challenges such as climate change. At a time where everything is becoming controversial, there is nothing as uncontroversial as planting a tree. Proper scientific analysis is essential to establish the validity of any action towards sustainability, and yet plating a tree can be intuitively perceived by anyone as a positive and uplifting action. It almost needs no explanation. I am very glad to be able to plant trees with ONE TREE PLANTED and FRAEMS. Actions speak louder than words.” – Pietro Boselli.

FRAEMS.COM is an online Fine Art Gallery launched by photographer Daniel Jaems in Sept 2019. It will house collections of images from photographers worldwide, available as limited edition prints and framed prints. A focus on Carbon Neutrality is and has been a priority right from the conception of the gallery.

“The reality: FRAEMS is a company that does use paper and wood as core materials of its business, so there is an immense sense of responsibility to address this with some countermeasures. The gallery is founded on the idea that our images should last a lifetime and hopefully, purchases will hang on walls, cherished for years to come. Whilst happy to create this service for its customers, FRAEMS is conscious of another prospect – the 300kg of paper used by the average citizen each year. We are very fortunate to have partnered with suppliers that are also conscious of any impact they may create and together we are neutralising our carbon footprint.
But FRAEMS wants to do more. It wants to plant lots and lots of trees to contribute to the managed reforestation of our planet.
We have chosen to work with ONE TREE PLANTED, an amazing organisation that plants trees amongst other amazing ecological projects. Together with the global interest of PIETRO BOSELLI, we are very excited to shine a spotlight on this amazing cause.” – Daniel Jaems

Italian born Pietro Boselli started his modelling career early, becoming the face of Armani Junior at age 7.
Throughout his career, Pietro has been a favourite of Giorgio Armani, shooting campaigns for its underwear and sportswear line, as well as campaigns for Abercrombie and Fitch. He’s appeared in a variety of editorials from GQ America, Spain and Italy, Vogue Homme and Harper’s Bazaar.
Pietro attended University College London where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and computational design of turbo-machinery. While studying for his PhD, he taught Mathematics at the University, became a lecturer, and assisted in Thermodynamics and Computing courses.
Pietro runs a personal YouTube Channel featuring his “Exercise Anatomy” series, and is working on launching his high-end, sustainable fashion sports-wear brand Petra Design, of which he is the founder, designer and ambassador.

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees! They lead reforestation projects in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia by working with local communities and only native tree species that are grown in nearby nurseries. Each project focus is different and can include forest fire restoration, agroforestry, watershed health, biodiversity and habitats, environmental disaster recovery, climate, and social impact. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Beyond such projects, ONE TREE PLANTED believes that truly engaging people who want to have a personal experience is critical to raising awareness through action. That’s why they also organize volunteer events throughout the world to help get more hands in the dirt, create educational materials about the environment for students and teachers, and provide ways for businesses like ours to contribute to this greater mission. By engaging our community around sustainability and directly giving back to nature, we hope to make a meaning and positive difference for the planet.

Key projects:

We are hearing a lot about the Amazon right now and for good reason. Projects in the Amazon region will be spread throughout a few countries soon, including continuing projects in Peru and the Atlantic Forest, with several others in the planning stages. One Tree Planted hope to have a few in the Brazilian rainforest and are negotiating timelines.

You can watch the short film and learn more about the orca project right here, with support info here. This is all about the interconnection between land, ocean, and wildlife. Trees help remove pollution from water sources and increase wild salmon stock, which ultimately helps feed and protect endangered orca whales.

Working in Masai Mara, Kenya, to expand a wildlife corridor (impacting lions) and otherwise reforest the region on land they manage. This is one of two projects One Tree Planted have in Kenya currently, the other is focused on restoring over-logged and degraded land to improve community water quality and bring back wildlife as well as offer climate benefits.

Working with the BC government to not only plant trees for forest fire restoration but to include carbon modelling and tracking aligned with the Forest Carbon Initiative by the Ministry of Forests. Part of this also includes some research, so we’re excited to have some detailed science accompanying this sequestration-and-restoration impact focus.


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